Book Fair

The Thoreau Book Fair is a fun-filled event and one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. It’s an event that spans two school weeks, with Family Night on Friday, October 18 and Classroom Visits from October 23-25. We hope you can join us for some or all of it! Want to help? Go to to see what we need.

Coin Challenge

For the second time after a hugely successful premier in 2018, we’re pumping the kids up more than usual with a little friendly competition. Starting October 15th and continuing through the end of classroom visits on the 25th we’ll have one donation bottle for each grade in the school entrance hall. Encourage your kid(s) to clean the house and car in their quest for loose change to bring to school and put toward the goal of having their grade donate the most money. Each class in the winning grade will get an extra classroom book, and all money raised will be used to buy more books for our teachers.

Family Night

The biggest part of the Book Fair is Family Night. Come to Thoreau between 5:30 and 8 pm on Friday, October 18 to shop, socialize, get some dinner, and let your kids enjoy some crafts.


We’ll have the hallway leading to the cafeteria chock full of Scholastic books, while the main hallway leading to the library will be filled with used books. It’s the perfect time to buy new and used books for Thoreau, for a cause, for your kids, for holiday gifts, for your child’s teacher and for yourself.

Used books are well worth checking out – they are high quality for low prices, reusing them is good for the environment, and every dollar spent on used books goes directly to the PTG.

Teacher Wish Lists

The teachers put together bins of books they’d love to have in their classrooms, and you can help them get them all. Pick up wish list books for your child’s classroom teachers and specialists – they will be tax-free and your child will be able to dedicate the book to the teacher as well. The books will enrich the school and the money spent will help fund PTG programs.

Thoreau’s Gift of Books

On Family Night you can opt to round your purchase up to the nearest dollar. The money raised with these contributions will go toward purchasing more books for Thoreau’s classrooms and library. Scholastic will then match that amount and give it to literacy-related charities.


We’ll have pizza, salad, apples, and a variety of desserts, so skip cooking and come join us for an easy dinner!


Join us in the library for some fun craft projects for the kids.

Classroom Visits

Look for the schedule to come out soon. It’s a great chance for parents and grandparents to see kids in school (and find out what they really want for their birthdays!).  Classroom Visits will be during school on Wednesday October 23 through Friday October 25.

Donations and Volunteering

We couldn’t do all of this without a lot of help, and there are many ways you can contribute. There are many volunteer slots between setup, Family Night, Classroom Visits, and cleanup, but if your schedule doesn’t allow you to lend sweat equity, we also need people to bring tables to put the books on and also food for Family Night. And then there are the used books. Start gathering yours now!

Used Book Donations

We’ll start collecting books on Tuesday, October 15 and continue through Friday the 18th. Collect your child’s good quality books now! (Please no adult books/videos/CDs, board books, or VHS tapes.) Place your donations in a paper bag and remember to write your child’s teacher’s name and the total number of books donated on the bag and either send them to school with your child or drop them off at the table in the front hall. We’ll keep track of the numbers donated by each class and the one that gives the most gets a prize!


This is an important fundraiser for the PTG and is an event that requires over 100 volunteers to be successful. There are many ways you can help by committing 2-3 hours of your time:

  • Setting up the fair the week of October 15 – we need volunteers to sort used books and stock shelves for the new book fair.  It’s a great way to get a sneak peek at the selection before Family Night!
  • Cashiers – We know many of you worked a cash register in high school.  It’s like riding a bike! We need cashiers for Family Night and Classroom Visits.
  • Join the book fair committee. There are so many different ways to contribute and not go out of your comfort zone, and it’s certain we haven’t thought of them all yet. Here are just a few ideas:
    • Help with decorations
    • Have ideas for more contests, games, or other ways to get the kids even more excited for the Book Fair? We want to hear them!
    • Make sure in-demand books are stocked for Family Night and Classroom Visits
    • Work with teachers to refill wish list baskets when they run low
    • No contribution is too small and we would absolutely love fresh perspectives and ideas! Contact Laura Koh if you have ideas or are interested.

To sign up, go to

Food Contributions

Family Night wouldn’t be complete without food, and we need help getting it there. The items we need are:

  • Pizza to be picked up from Comella’s
  • Apples
  • Salads
  • Baked goods, labeled if allergen-free

Sign up here!


Have questions or ideas? Want to know more or help in some way? Please reach out to Deb Antonangeli or Evy Alloway for the new book fair, or Julie Bailey, Courtney Tucker, or Jen Moffitt for the used book fair.