Cake Walk

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Cake Walk FAQs (download flyer)

If this is our first time what do we need to know?
A lot happens at the Cake Walk and Family Festival! There is the actual Cake Walk, a cake decorating contest, carnival games and carnival fare.

How much does it cost?
This is a cash only event. Tickets are $0.50 each, 10 for $5.00 or 20 for $10.00. NEW this year – $15.00 wristband for unlimited games. Food can be purchased with either cash or tickets. For anyone needing financial assistance please contact Rachel Levesque

What is a Cake Walk?
Each participant takes their place in a circle and stands on a numbered pad. When the music starts, the participants parade around in a circle; when the music stops, our MC will pull lucky numbers out of a hat. If your number is called, you win of one of the fabulous prize cakes! The Cake Walk takes place in the Gym.

What do I need to prepare ahead of time?

  • You don’t need to prepare anything but most kids like to bring decorated cakes to submit for prize cakes. We need about 300-400. One box of mix can make 2 cakes. Kids can have fun decorating them ahead of time.
  • If you bring an allergen-free cake, please label it as such and let us know when you drop it off. These will be held separately.
  • You can also prepare a cake to enter in the cake decorating contest if you’d like. Categories are Best Animal Theme, Best Food Theme, Best Nature Theme, Best Sports & Games Theme, Best Thoreau Spirit, and Most Creative.
  • All cakes are to be dropped off in the Faculty Lounge near the Gym.
  • Please do not drop off a cake in anything you want returned to you. You can use a disposable tin baking pan, a paper plate or a piece of cardboard covered in tin foil.

We also hold a Cake Decorating Contest! Details are below:

  • All cakes entered in the contest must be decorated by a Thoreau student. You may enter as many cakes as you like.
  • Judging is by grade group – K&1, 2&3, 4&5 and the categories as shown below.
    • Thoreau Spirit, Sports & Games, Animals & Nature, Most Colorful
  • All contest cakes must be wrapped in clear plastic wrap, and labeled with the student’s name, grade, teacher, contest category and cake flavor. Please do not use cake plates or decorations that you want returned to you.
  • Cakes can be dropped off in the Faculty Lounge near the gym on Friday from 3:15-7:00 pm or on Saturday from 11:00-12:00 pm.
  • All cakes must be received by noon on Saturday. After judging, the winning cakes will be displayed in the main hallway during the festival and may be taken home by their respective student decorators. The remaining cakes will be handed out randomly as prize cakes during the event.

What are the activities and where do they occur?
There are various other carnival games in the Auditorium and Library such as High Striker, Crazy Cans, Ring Toss, Gone Fishing and Sand Art. There is also a prize wheel, face painting and hair streaking in the cafeteria.

What kind of food will there be?
The food is carnival fare and will be located in the cafeteria. There will be pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy and water.