Geography Quest

Welcome to the 2018 Geography Quest!

The Geography Quest is an annual PTG-sponsored event designed to let families explore geography together while learning history and using reference tools. This is for FUN! It is not another assignment or a contest. It is intended for students of all elementary school ages. Some of the questions will be above the kindergarten level. A happy face indicates the easier questions; a black diamond indicates the challenging questions. Please help your child as they try and answer some or all of the questions. We have provided some references on page 12 of the attached PDF. Remember – the goal of the Quest is family learning.

Please use these suggested goals for the number of questions to be answered by grade level:

Kindergarten – 3-6 questions
1st grade – 6-12 questions
2nd grade – 12-16 questions
3rd grade – 16-20 questions
4th grade – 20-30 questions
5th grade – all 34 questions

While each child’s Quest will be scored, this score is only for their own information and is not recorded anywhere or considered in any academic evaluation.

Please return the Quest to school by Friday, March 2nd. Be sure to include the student’s name, grade and teacher’s name. QUESTS WITHOUT NAMES WILL NOT BE SCORED.

Click here to view and/or print the Geography Quest PDF.