2/9 PTG Agenda

All Are Welcome – Please Join Us!!


Thoreau School PTG Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011


Thoreau School Cafeteria

I.  Welcome  – Karen Brown & Melanie Bettencourt

II.  Principal’s Report – Kelly Clough

III.  Concord-Carlisle Parents Initiative – Robin Garrison

IV.  PTG Website Redesign & Email Changes https://www.thoreauptg.org/ – Marcy Shipe

V.  Fundraising Report – Natalie Gekle & Maria Scichilone

a.  Annual Appeal Update

VI.  Auction Update – Jean Easterday

VII.  Treasurer’s Report – Karen & Melanie

VIII.  Unbudgeted Expense Request–Jessica Christensen’s China Study Tour Trip–Karen & Melanie

IX.  Vice-President’s Report – Jen Jiganti

a.  Updating the PTG Volunteer Book https://www.thoreauptg.org/volunteer.pdf

X.  Nutrition Update – Pamela Hathaway

XI.  Mars Rover Project Update – Eftyhia Zesta

XII.  After-School Tennis Program Update – Betsy Dorr

XIII.  Road Race Update – Betsy Dorr

XIV.  UNICEF Recap – Carol Wipper

XV.  Co-President’s Report – Karen & Melanie

a.  Recommended Revisions to PTG By-Laws https://www.thoreauptg.org/ThoreauByLaws.pdf

b.  Upcoming PTG Events

c.  CCHS Building Update

XVI.  Other Business

XVII.  Adjourn