Thoreau Announcements 6/4/2020

PTG Co-Presidents’ Message and News

With the heartbreaking reality of what is going on in our country, it is becoming increasingly harder to focus on the Thoreau PTG. While we all can take pride in Concord and the Thoreau School being an inclusive community that supports racial equality, empathy and kindness, it is hard not to be discouraged by the state of things. Nonetheless, we must continue to strive to support and improve our community. We are so very lucky to have the thoughtful guidance of Superintendent Dr. Laurie Hunter, our Principal Angel Charles and the METCO Director Andrew Nyamekye. If you haven’t already done so, you should be sure to read the recent messages from them all.

As the District plans for different eventualities for the Fall of 2020, the PTG must do the same. We want to ensure that the sense of community at Thoreau remains strong. We may need to change the way we support the students and teachers and rethink some of our events and programs and we will need all of you to provide your insights and input. Please consider playing a more active role in the PTG or even taking on a leadership position. Now more than ever we need your help! WIthout active parent volunteers the PTG simply cannot survive. If we do not find a Treasurer by the beginning of our fiscal year on July 1, 2020 we may need to consider dissolving the PTG. We also need a Vice President and Fundraising Chairs.

Below are the descriptions for these roles. as stated in the PTG by-laws. All of these roles can be performed mostly remotely. Per the By-laws, attendance at one meeting a month is necessary, especially for the VP and Treasurer, but there is a great deal of flexibility in setting the meeting schedule and in how one can participate. The PTG could allow for remote participation via phone or perhaps explore the continued use of Zoom. Other than a monthly meeting all work can be done at home and on your schedule and communicated via email.

Vice President: The Vice President shall act as an aide to the Co-Presidents; shall perform the duties of that office in the absence or inability of one of the Co-Presidents to serve; shall have the option to assume the Co-Presidency in the following year. Should a Co-President resign, the Vice President would automatically assume the Co- Presidency. The Vice President shall serve to oversee and liaise with all PTG Board Committee and Event Chairs during event planning to ensure that all PTG events are properly scheduled on the calendar, appropriately booked at the facility, publicized, and have all the required materials and volunteers as needed. The Vice President shall oversee work of replacing committee chairs and reporting of all new committees. The Vice President shall attend all PTG Board meetings and PTG general meeting.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the PTG; shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures; shall pay out the funds of the PTG in accordance with the decisions of the PTG Board and the membership; shall prepare financial reports for each meeting of the PTG and an annual financial report; shall prepare the proposed budget in coordination with the Co-Presidents and recommendations from the PTG Board, shall maintain a reserve of $3,000 in the PTG account at all times; and shall implement the PTG Board’s approved overall money management strategy. The Treasurer shall attend all PTG Board meetings and PTG general meetings.

Fundraising Chair(s): The Fundraising Chair(s) shall evaluate fund-raising programs and activities for the PTG; and shall prepare a master calendar of the PTG fundraising by meeting with chairpersons of ea ch event. The Fundraising Chair(s) shall attend all PTG Board meetings and PTG general meetings.

I know many of us feel overwhelmed right now, but being a proactive part of the supporting and strengthening the Thoreau community is the best remedy. Please consider helping out–we really need you.

Danielle & Maribeth
Thoreau School PTG Co-Presidents

Thoreau News

Thoreau Spiritwear

Now is the perfect time to show your Thoreau pride! Our school store is OPEN!

It’s also a great idea for year end teacher gifts! — think tote bags, blankets, jackets! Monogramming available!

2020-2021 Kindergarten Registrations are Now Open

To register your incoming student, please visit the New Student Registration Information page on the District website to access online registration.

Order Next Year’s School Supplies Online Now! Deadline is July 1st

Believe it or not, there will be a day when classes physically happen at Thoreau school again. In anticipation of that GREAT day, the PTG has once again paired up with this year as an easy, hands-free, online option for purchasing school supplies for next year. You are already on your computer, which means you are only a couple of clicks away from crossing school supplies off your “to do” list for the fall. Simply go to, type in our zip code (01742), and choose Thoreau. All kits will be delivered directly to the school for distribution at the beginning of the school year. The deadline to order is July 1, 2020. Families in need of financial assistance, please contact Rachel Levesque.

Community News

Summer Music Classes through CCACE

Summer is coming and most camps are closed – how will you keep the kids entertained?? Music classes! CCACE and IMSCC are offering a wide variety of music classes geared to fourth graders and above. Check out Intro to Composition (7/9-23); Learning Music with Games (7/13-17); Musicianship Workshop (7/13-17); Improv I: Basic Approaches (7/13-17) and Improv II: Scaffolded Approaches, Lead Sheets & Chord Changes (7/20-24); and Coding Music with Pure Data! (7/7-21). Check out full descriptions here, along with dates and fees. All classes will be online. If you have questions or need more info, email us at

CCM Summer Camps

Announcing Concord Conservatory of Music’s (CCM) Online Summer Music Camps! Learn from CCM’s experienced instructors on the virtual platform combining high-quality instruction with the excitement of making music with other students who love music. Explore camps specifically for your young musicians, as well as the many options for teens. Each program will include Zoom sessions, and other resources to supplement the learning. From Group Keyboard, Songwriter Camp to Young Guitarists Ensemble, and Playing Our Musical Earth, there’s something for all. Private lessons are also available throughout the summer.

CMS Building Committee Update

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, the Concord Middle School Building Committee (CMSBC) is announcing that following completion of the preliminary Feasibility Study, the committee will temporarily pause its work before proceeding forward with Schematic Design. The Committee is still firmly committed to executing the project as soon as possible and will re-evaluate the timing monthly until it is deemed feasible to continue work.

For further details, see here: CMS Building Committee Temporarily Suspends Activity Due to Covid-19 Crisis

Musical Opportunities with IMSCC this Summer and Fall

IMSCC’s Fall Music Lesson Registration opens on June 9. Lessons start in September and take place after school and evenings on school campuses. If necessary, fall lessons this year will be held online. To register for lessons click here. Fall session inquiries will be accepted starting on June 9 at 9 AM.

Summer Music Lesson registration is underway. Summer lessons are online this year; schedules are flexible – choose any or all of the nine lesson weeks June 22 – August 21. Click here to learn more.

IMSCC Summer Music Classes, Ensembles and Workshops: We have an exciting variety of online music classes to choose from this summer! Click here to take a look, or here and select music.

For more about IMSCC click here.

Questions? Contact Debbie Levine at

Concord Conservatory (CCM) Offers Introductory 4-Pack for New Students

The Concord Conservatory of Music offers all the benefits of traditional music lessons from the convenience and safety of your home. Through simple, user-friendly technology, skilled CCM instructors come to you live via online music lessons. Your customized Online Lesson-4-Pack is 4 half-hour private lessons at 25% off (valid for new students only and subject to instructor/instrument availability). Limit one/student. All you need is an internet connection, a computer with a mic and camera (standard with most computers). Complete the New Student Inquiry Form to get started:

Kids need camp more than ever this summer and Concord Recreation is ready to deliver!

As of now, summer camps will run June 29-August 14 and we will work closely with the Board of Health to follow all CDC recommended guidelines as those guidelines become available. New this year, we are welcoming customers to reserve a space at camp for your child with a deposit of $75 each week! Camp balances will be due two weeks prior to the camp start date and email reminders will go out to remind you to pay your balance online. We are in this together and hope this deposit feature will help ease your mind as you consider joining us for camp this year. If camp should be cancelled or delayed or if your situation changes after you’ve registered, refunds will be processed with no cancellation fee. To register for camp worry free, visit this link:

Questions? Email Think summer!

New, CCM’s Distance Learning Program

The Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM) is offering private instruction for our current students using our Distance Learning Program. It is now accepting new students to study online. The talented CCM faculty are already successfully teaching lessons online with creative and innovative approaches that make the Distance Learning Program a dynamic experience. When the school discontinues Distance Learning, all students will resume their lessons and group classes at our building for the remaining weeks of the semester. If you would like to learn more about private instruction, complete the New Student Lesson Inquiry Form at

Mindfulness for Our Community

Kids Yoga Classes offered virtually through Also plenty of classes for older teens and adults including an early morning flow on Fridays at 6:30am for all you early birds