A Valentine for Thoreau School

(Time Sensitive) Parent All-Call:

Time to Show The Love!

Tuesday morning (Feb. 10), parent volunteers will arrive before school to put up a massive (adult-sized) red heart in the main entrance, along with a banner that reads “What We LOVE About Thoreau School!” A critical part of this School Spirit project will come from YOUR child(ren): Please ask your kids to think of just ONE word to best describe what they love most about life at Thoreau (e.g. – Fun, Safe, Silly, Interesting, Full of Books (okay, 3 words), Music, Buddies, Gym, Science, etc.). These small messages will be added to the big Valentine throughout the morning in an attempt to make one truly awesome Valentine!

We’re asking parents to use this snowy weekend (and/or Monday) to please consider having your child make their own mini-heart.  Simple is great; here’s a sample size: *   https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzhxfyje1wpo6zc/Thoreau%20heart%20printable%202.pdf?dl=0

Simply figure out what that ONE word is and write it in big letters (along with your child’s first name and grade, in small letters) on a small heart-shaped piece of paper. Nothing fancy needed! For those kids who forget, we will have a few extra small hearts on Tuesday morning, but we need as many kids as possible to do this in advance (arriving with a finished heart Tuesday AM) to avoid bottlenecks in the entryway!  

Happy Valentine’s  Day to Thoreau!

*for best results, download the file and print it using Acrobat Reader instead of printing it from the pdf viewer within the dropbox website.