Annual Appeal Update

Thank you to the following families for their donations in the past few weeks:    Bettencourt, Swartwood, Bailey, Bartlett/Montbach, Jiganti and Tubbs.  We are still working towards our goal and every little bit counts.  If you haven’t already donated you may do so in a variety of ways.  You can either send in your check made out to “Thoreau PTG” with “Annual Appeal” in the memo and mail it to Thoreau School, 29 Prairie Street, Concord, MA, or drop it off in the PTG box inside the school office.  You may also go online using PayPal on   We would also like to apologize to any of you who may have received a second Annual Appeal letter even if you had already donated for the year.  That was our mistake having to do with putting together address labels.  Please if you did receive a letter and you have already given for the year send me a quick email ( with the amount of your donation and date of contribution and then I can double check my records.  Thank you so much for your understanding and support.  Tracy White and Sharon Sharifi