Busdriver/Crossing Guard Breakfast

 Bus Driver and Crossing Guard Breakfast ~ Friday, June 1st. 

The drivers and crossing guards look forward to this event each year.  One of the most appreciated things we give them is cards from the kids.  Would you please ask your child to draw a picture or write a few words of thanks? 

These cards need to be done at home and brought into the school office by Wednesday, May 30th.

We will sort them by driver, so please note your child’s driver or bus number in pencil on the card.  

If your kids don’t take the bus, Ann is the crossing guard at Main Street and Cindy is the guard close to the school. 

We just need a few more items for the breakfast. If you are able to help, please visit

Any questions? Please contact Jackie Meehan, jackiemeehan@comcast.net   or Laura Mills, laurakmills@hotmail.com

Thank you!!