Candidates for SAC ~ VOTE on Wednesday!

There are two candidates for the one open parent position on the School Advisory Council. Please read their submitted statements listed in alphabetical order below. Come to the PTG meeting this Wednesday at 9am in the cafeteria to cast your vote!

  • Christine Ayotte-Brennan

I would like to be considered for the open position on the Thoreau School Advisory
Council. Recently, I served as the elementary school parent representative on the School Committee Calendar Committee. Through that experience I developed a better
understanding of how our community can work more closely with the school committee
and our educators to make decisions that benefit our students, teachers, parents and the community at large.
I currently have three children enrolled in the Thoreau school, two in third grade, and one in first grade. Because I work full time, it is hard for me to find volunteer opportunities to further my involvement in the school. I feel that this opportunity is uniquely suited to my strengths, working through issues that impact our school community and the Concordcommunity as a whole. Our family has been active in the Thoreau community for the past three years and we will continue to be active members for the next four years. I welcome the opportunity to work closely with our school officials to serve as a parent advisor and to continue to develop and implement the School Improvement Plan.
Christine Ayotte-Brennan

  • Leslie Feigh

My name is Leslie Feigh. My husband and I moved to Concord in 2006, when our first
child was an infant. We selected Concord primarily because it was committed to
excellence in education. Our family has now grown to three children, ages 5, 7 and 9.
I initially contributed to our community’s commitment to excellence in education by
serving in various roles at Milldam Nursery School, a local co-op nursery, including
serving two years as president. That position gave me much experience with the
stewardship of a community based organization: overseeing all aspects of the school
and acting a liaison between staff and parents. My experience in education also
includes being a high school math educator in boarding schools in New Hampshire,
Rhode Island and California.
I am now in my fifth year of being a parent at the Thoreau School. For the next two
years all three of our children will be students here. Currently our children are in
Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grades, spanning the early, middle and older levels of the
curriculum at Thoreau. This makes it a particularly good time for me to serve as an
advisor for the school as my current focus is on all aspects of Thoreau.
As a member of Thoreau School’s SAC I would do my best to see through the full
implementation of our school improvement plan. Also, as a parent of children currently
at three levels of learning at Thoreau, I believe that I would be a good representative
voice for the parents of Thoreau.
Thank you for your consideration,
Leslie Feigh