Current Donor List for 2010/11 Thoreau Annual Appeal

We would like to thank all the families who have donated to the Thoreau School Annual Appeal for the school year 2010-2011.  As a reminder, the Thoreau Appeal goes directly back to your children at Thoreau to support enrichment programs, provide grants to teachers for classroom supplies and for funding field trip expenses.

To date we have only had 24% participation.  We know that it is a tough economy and some families are not in a position to contribute this year.  But if you are financially able to contribute for this school year, the children of Thoreau will greatly appreciate it.

No amount is too small. It’s not too late to contribute! Use PayPal from the Thoreau PTG  website: or send a check directly to the school made out to Thoreau PTG.

Below you will find this year’s contributors to the Thoreau School Annual Appeal.  Please check the list to confirm that we did not miss anyone.  If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Gekle or Maria Scichilone  Thanks again for your support.

Best Wishes,

Thoreau PTG

P.S.  In 45 days we will send out a complete list of the donors for the 2010/11 Thoreau Appeal.

Current Donor List for 2010/2011 Thoreau Annual Appeal

Aibel Jonathan and Julie Rohwein
Arado Robert and Jessica
Attonito Chris and Kelli
Bailey James and Alixe Callen
Bartlett Will & Jennifer Montbach
Bates Scott and Karen
Belden Peter and Tracey
Bettencourt Michael and Melanie
Boyle Timothy and Cora
Brown Darren and Karen
Burt Brian and Christina
Carbeau Mark and Cheryl
Carey Patrick and Nancy
Decker Michael and Susan Oman
DeGreeff Matthew and Joyce
Del Sobral Dan and Julie
Dillon Christopher and Lauren
Dorr Marshall and Betsy
Duggan Bill and Debbie
Duggan Tim and Erin
Easterday Alexander and Jean
Feinstein Roger and Fiona
Francini John and Kirsten
Gekle Curtis and Natalie
Gettel-Beatty Eric and Joy
Glazer Len and Johanna
Glitzenstein Kurt and Maralee
Goar Dudley and Pamela
Grace Diane
Grace Bill and Robin
Griffith Jen
Guth Brad and Tracey
Hall Matthew and Kathryn
Hirsch John and Meg Alexander
Holden James & Catherine Bradshaw
Houston Jennifer
Hunter Peter and Elizabeth
Hwang You Seok and Soo Jin Cho
Jennings Ed and Ann
Johnson Larry and Jennifer
Johnstone Stuart and Catherine
Kaplan Peter and Kate
Katz Phillip and Melissa
Keefe Jim and Michi
Keilty John and Kristen Dixon
Kerimo Joseph and Carrie Levin
Koontz Joseph and Pamela
Lee Michael and Amy
Lee Steven and Lisa Hansel
Lehmann Bob and Ann
Lewis Elizabeth
Lilly Craig and Leslie
Magee Matthew and Stephanie
Maloney Brian and Maia Heymann
Meehan Kurt and Jackie
Moore Eric and Kristin
Morrissey John and Aisling
Newman Andy and Gregory Maguire
Pailet Barry and Christine Economos
Perkins Richard and Alden
Prewitt Edward and April
Price Doug and Mallory
Richer Timothy and Therese
Robichaud David and Eileen
Rohaly-Medved Janos and Andrea
Rothermel Holly
Sablak Tom and Laura Mills
Schulman Joel and Nancy
Scichilone James and Maria
Shi Zhan and Hongliang
Shipe John and Marcy
Sinclair Julia
Swain Joanna
Thorp Joe and Sheryl
Tubbs Andrew and Rebecca
Tustin Jeffrey and Melissa
Umina Tom and Lynn
Waxler Rose
Wei Elizabeth
Winkler Paul and Leanne
Wipper Scott and Carol
Xu Ying Sun and Hong Xu
Yamartino Rich and Louisa
Zuffante Robert and Nancy