June 16, 2011

Published by the Thoreau School Parent Teacher Group


It’s hard to believe that the end of school year is upon us. This is the last TA of the year and the last day of school is a week from tomorrow. There are a number of people to thank for some recent PTG events. A big high five and thank you to Margaret Cho McMorrow, Leanne Winkler and Erin Duggan, along with all of the parents who donated food and prizes, for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday. We would also like to thank the Siefer family for hosting and welcoming the teachers, staff and PTG volunteers into their lovely home. It is so nice to see so many people come together to celebrate and thank our beloved teachers.

There have been so many 5th grade activities lately. Thanks to Carol Wipper, our 5th Grade Representative, and all of the parents who have volunteered to coordinate and support such wonderful 5th Grade Thoreau and town-wide traditions.

Thank you to our fellow Board members for their hard work and dedication this year: Jen Jiganti, Leanne Winkler, Meg Wright, Natalie Gekle, Maria Scichilone, Carol Wipper, Nancy Zuffante, Margaret Cho McMorrow, Trish Siefer, Rebecca Tubbs, and Shelagh Moscow. And a special thank you to Karen Brown, who is completing her term as Co-President, for her tireless effort and dedication to the Thoreau PTG. We have accomplished many things under her leadership this year: revised by-laws, created a new website, and implemented a new parent communication vehicle, to name just a few.

Lastly we would like to wish everyone a safe, fun and restful summer. See you in September!
–Karen and Melanie


This evening, Thursday, June 16, 7:00- 8:00pm there will be a juice and cookie chat for anyone who wants to talk or learn about the Family Friends program. It will be held at the Alcott School Faculty Room. This is for anyone who is thinking of becoming a “Family Friend”, anyone who is interested in hearing more about the program, or anyone who would just like to hear others’ experiences, or have a chance to make comments or suggestions. Please contact Polly Attwood at Alcott if you have any questions: 978-318-9544, pattwood@colonial.net
–Your Thoreau Family Friends Team: Gretchen Nelson, Laurine Verrilli, Meg Alexander


Parents: Please check the Lost & Found located in the Cafeteria. All leftover items will be donated at the end of the day on Friday, June 24.


Thanks to everyone who helped make Field Day a success, especially those volunteers who filled water balloons and helped man the water station on that hot day!: Kristen Keilty, Nancy Shulman, Nancy Zuffante, Gurperneet Jeji, Jane Gordy, and Jean Easterday. And thank you, Mrs. Murphy, for organizing the fun-filled morning!
–Julie Sinclair and Anne Mullaney, Field Day Committee


Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the Staff Appreciation Luncheon. The Thoreau Staff had a great time. Also, a special thank you to the Siefer Family for hosting this event in their lovely home. If you donated food, your serve ware has been placed on the Siefer’s porch (West Street side). Please stop by this week to pick up your items. Thank you again for helping make this event so special.
–Leanne, Margaret and Erin


This year’s Art Retrospective was a great success. Great job 5th graders! Special thanks to the parents who helped in the classroom and hanging the show: Jackie Meehan, Meg Alexander, Valerie Tratnyek, Prow Sarnsethsiri, and Laurie Avakian. Retrospective work was taken down June 13th. Work will be organized by class and will be stacked outside of the auditorium. If you are in the building for an event, conference or other occasion, please pick up your child’s art retrospective. Otherwise, please make arrangements to pick up the work before the end of the year. Thank You,
–Mrs. Hiltz


Many thanks to the Thoreau families who have generously donated books to the Library this year. We were given many new books through The Gift Book Program, The Scholastic Book Fair, The Vacation-Travel Book Club and by generous individuals. Many of these donors have already been thanked in earlier Announcements. We would now like to also acknowledge Helen Newman, Sarah Katz, Nicholas and Justin Moy, Kathy Folgar, Noam Holin, the Meehan family, Isabella McKinney, the Brown family, Jennifer Li, Lucy Manlick, Alex Burt, and Nate Hoagland. Special thanks go to Laurie Garrison for revitalizing and managing our Gift Book program.


Many thanks to the 100+ library volunteers who have helped so much with book circulation and shelving. We couldn’t do it without you! We hope you all can come to our annual shelving-plus “parties” on Tuesday, June 21 and Thursday, June 23 from 9:00am to noon. If you have time, please help us re-shelve books and assist with any number of other end-of the-year projects. Sustenance will be provided! Again, thank you for everything.
–Karen Pettyjohn and Cathy Collins


Now is the time to hunt for those missing library items. Bills for overdue books have been sent out, but we would much rather have the book than its replacement cost, so check those closets, bookcases and car seats please! Books not returned by the end of school will be kept on a studentís record for the fall, and will affect his or her eligibility to check out new materials. Thank you for your help.
–Karen Pettyjohn and Cathy Collins


The K5 librarians have created recommended summer reading book lists for grades 1-5. (Students going to 6th grade will be receiving a book list from the Middle School.) In an effort to go green, the booklists are available in online. Please go to http://district.colonial.net/SummerReadingList/ or check the “Booklists” section of the Library’s web page at http://thoreau.colonial.net/Teachers/Pettyjohn. Happy reading!



If you would like to assist your child’s teacher and class as a room parent for the coming 2011-2012 school year, please complete the form available at the Thoreau PTG website. Assignments will be made in the order in which they are received, with 2 people assigned per class (3 for grade 5). You will hear more details after class lists are distributed, before the start of school.

The room parents are expected to help the teacher with anything that she/he deems necessary. This may include scheduling parent helpers, making plans to help with parties, field trips, etc. Also, each room parent is responsible for assisting the PTG with certain events or fundraisers. In addition, you may be called upon by the PTG to assist the PTG by informing your assigned class of pertinent events.

Additional questions? Please contact Jennifer Johnson at 978-371-0770 or larison@verizon.net or Margaret Ferren at 978-369-5513 or mf_1010@yahoo.com.

LUNCH MENU Week of June 20–24

Monday: Popcorn Chicken
Tuesday: Chef’s Choice
Wednesday: Hot Dogs and Skinny Fries
Thursday: Calzone
Friday: Early Release


CCYBS Summer Baseball and Softball

Playoffs are happening which means Spring baseball is almost finished. But youth baseball doesn’t have to end when the Spring season is over! Sign up now for one of CCYBS Summer Baseball/Softball Programs. We have 5 different divisions (1st, 2nd, 3rd grades, 9/10 year olds and 11/12 year olds). For more information, see our Summer Baseball page at www.ccyb.org. NOTE: Signup ends on June 20th!

CCYL Fall Ball Registration is Open

Concord Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers a seven week skills clinic for beginning and experienced players. Clinics focus on skills instruction and development in game-like drills and scrimmages. If you’ve played before, this is a great way to keep up your stick skills. If you’re new to the game, this is a perfect chance to learn the basics and give the sport a try. Clinics are on Sunday evenings, Sept – Oct. Girls grade 3-8; Boys grades 1-8. Go to www.ccyouthlacrosse.com for more information. Space is limited.

Cool Summer Workshops at the Alcott

The Community Education department offers morning, afternoon or all-day workshops with Wicked Cool for Kids®. A locally-owned education group, Wicked Cool promotes activity-based learning with excitement, wonder, and fun. Enroll at www.ace.colonial.net or call 318-1432 afternoons. Community Education classes are a public service of the Concord-Carlisle Schools.

Engineering and Electricity. In the morning session engineers will build things that go. Learn about the engineering and design process to build balloon-powered cars, balloon hovercrafts, magnet powered cars and cars that will protect an egg from crashing and smashing. Add in some tall towers, new catapults, and balsa bridges for a fun filled week of engineering challenges. In the afternoon, build basic circuits, and experiment with insulators and conductors. Learn about motors and circuits and construct “Bristle Bots” and send them to battle. Build new projects using the Snap Circuits System, where you can configure sound activated switches, learn about LEDs, and make a flying saucer. Electrifying! For grades 1-4 in September.

4 days Tuesday to Friday, June 28-July 1
Full day: 9 AM-4 PM, $260 #1151
Morning 9 AM-Noon, $155 #1152
Afternoon: 1-4 PM, $155 #1153

Deep Blue Sea. Discover different denizens of the deep and the scientists who study them. Look through the eyes of an oceanographer to find out how the tides operate, and what would happen if the ocean were not salty. Find out how ancient mariners navigated the seas and build your own compass. Be a marine biologist and visit coral reefs and the amazing creatures that call them home and discover what life could be like without a backbone under the sea. Explore fabulous facts about the world’s biggest animals, and meet the ocean’s most efficient predators. Do some ocean engineering and learn how things sink and float, and man a submarine mission. For grades 1-4 in September.

4 days Tuesday to Friday, July 5-July 8
Full day: 9 AM-4 PM, $260 #1154
Morning: 9-12 Noon, $155 #1155
Afternoon: 1-4 PM, Alcott School, $155 #1156

Wacky Lab Week. Experiment with polymers to grow creatures and create a slew of atomic slime, gak, and other non-Newtonian fluids. Create crystals from supersaturated solutions. Using kitchen chemistry scientists will discover neat color-changing tricks using acids and bases. Experiment with buoyancy and build cool Cartesian divers, and unlock the secret that puts the glow into glow stick. Every day, scientists will design secret formulas and create cool science toys to take home. Half-day students do not complete all the projects listed here. For grades 1-6 in September.

Monday through Friday, July 11-15
Full day: 9 AM-4 PM, $300 #1157
Morning: 9 AM-Noon, $180 #1158
Afternoon: 1-4 PM, $180 #1159

Rockets! In the morning space scientists will learn about rocket propulsion by building compressed air rockets and rockets that blast off by chemical reactions! Travel to infinity and beyond and investigate how rockets get off the ground and soar to the heavens. Build the ultra cool WIZARD rocket, and launch on Friday. In the afternoon learn all about the science of flight and investigate how things fly. Travel across the solar system and learn about the rocky planets and gas giants. Make friends with Newton’s laws of motion and learn why what goes up must come down. For Grades 1-4 in September

Monday through Friday, July 18-22
Full day: 9 AM-4 PM, $300 #1160
Morning: 9 AM-Noon, Alcott School, $180 #1161
Afternoon: 1-4 PM, Alcott School, $180 #1162


This is the last issue of Thoreau Announcements for the 2011-2012 school year. The next issue will be published on September 8, 2011. Submission Deadline: 9 pm Monday, September 5, 2011.
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