June 24, 2015

Message from our School Nurse

Reminder to pick up your child’s medications (Epi Pens/ Inhalers and daily medications) before their last day of school.  All meds not picked up will be disposed of on Friday 6/26/2015.

Hard copies of health forms will not be sent home this summer.  If you need immunization, physical exam or medication release forms, please visit: http://thoreau.colonial.net/Teachers/Nurse/SchoolHealthForms

Please email me with questions.  Thank you and happy summer!  Megan Jensen RN, mjensen@colonial.net

Message from our School Librarian


Thank you so much for your help during the past year. You have worked hard to put our library shelves in order and to keep the books circulating. Special thanks go to the parent volunteers of our graduating 5th graders for their many years of assistance: Sarah Buck, Fredel D’Ambrosio, Paige Somol, and Carolyn Wilkins.  And three cheers to Kristin Haddad, our intrepid volunteer coordinator, for keeping us all organized.


Many thanks to the Thoreau families that have generously donated books to the Library this year. We were given many new books through The Gift Book Program, The Scholastic Book Fair, The Vacation-Travel Book Club and by generous individuals. Many of these donors have already been thanked in earlier Announcements.  We would now like to also acknowledge Gabe McCauley, Gemma Feinstein, Brandon Jones, the Farber/Wilkins family, Erik Glitzenstein, Bonnie Li, the D’Ambrosio family, Bianca Thompson, Ms. Foggo, Grace and Sam Grogins, the Keefe family, the Grade 4 Book Group, the Thoreau Times newspaper, the PTG, and the Children’s Programing Committee. Special thanks go to Liz Wei for publicizing our Gift Book program.

Message about BOKS: Active Kids = Active Minds

Studies show that kids who exercise see significant boosts in intelligence-test scores and core subjects at school, compared to their inactive peers.  At least 70% of teachers agreed that BOKS kids are better able to concentrate, control impulses and engage in class discussions.  Want to be a Champion of Change!?  Join our team now so we’re ready to get movin’ come September!!  Contact Adrienne Principe at adrienne.principe@gmail.com for more details.  For more info on BOKS, visit bokskids.org.

Enjoy your summer! From the PTG.