June 26, 2014


TODAY!!  Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome next year’s interim principal Chris Mahoney from 3:15-4:00pm in the cafeteria! Here are some dates for your calendars for School Year 2014-2015:

  • August 28: Open House, 8:15-9:00am
  • September 2: First Day of School!!
  • September 5: PTG Welcome Back Coffee/Social 9:00am
  • September 6: PTG Annual Ice Cream Social 2:30-4:30pm
  • September 17: Back to School Night

Finally, the PTG would like to extend sincere thanks to executive board members Louisa Yamartino, Jen Johnson and Jackie Meehan, who will be leaving Thoreau as their youngest children graduate from the 5th grade!  They have provided numerous years of service to the school!  THANK YOU!! –Carla and Louisa


Dear Thoreau Families and Staff,

I begin by thanking everyone for making this a wonderful year of learning at Thoreau School. It has been my honor and pleasure to meet and work with talented educators, intelligent, inquisitive, caring children and supportive parents. As I sit here writing, I wonder where the time has gone … but then I begin to count all the special moments, and I run out of fingers and toes multiple times over.

As we look at Thoreau next year there will be some changes. Our student enrollment has decreased from 501 this year to 445 next year. I do expect that there will be some additional enrollment over the summer. Despite the decrease, we will maintain 24 classrooms. The biggest change will be going from four sections of Kindergarten to three and increasing to five sections in grade two. At this point in time, (and we know that things can change over the summer) our staffing is as follows:

  • Kindergarten:          Ms. Ellis   Ms. McKenna  Ms. Apollos
  • Grade 1:                     Ms. Henry   Ms. Thompson   Ms. Walsh   Ms. Shaw
  • Grade 2:                     Ms. Jackson  Ms. Marotta   Ms. Peirce  Ms. Andrews  Ms. Watson
  • Grade 3:                     Ms. Cashman  Ms. Faricelli   Ms. Gallagher   Ms. Ham
  • Grade 4:                     Ms. Burns  Ms. Dillon   Ms. Keefe    Ms. Kenney
  • Grade 5:                     Ms. Hoyt    Mr. Lemaire   Mr. Hourihan   TBD

Placement information will be mailed on July 28. Please be reminded that unless new circumstances arise, or there has been a serious oversight, changes cannot be made in placements. Should there be new information, please communicate the new issues in writing to the Thoreau School Placement Review Committee. The committee will meet in August with Mr. Mahoney to review concerns and will contact you with a decision.

We look forward to meeting Thoreau Principal, Chris Mahoney, on Thursday.  I will be escorting Chris to all of the classrooms to say hi to students and teachers. There will also be an opportunity for parents to meet Mr. Mahoney this Thursday from 3:15- 4:00 in our cafeteria.

I wish you a happy, healthy summer filled with wonderful new memories.

Best Wishes, Nancy Peterson


Many, many thanks to all the PTG families and especially to those parents who helped with the Open House in honor of my retirement.  It was such a touching event and I appreciated seeing all of you who came by to wish me well. It was such fun to see students from all ages – our current ones but even friendly faces from middle school, high school and even a few from college.  I will enjoy all the cards, gifts, good wishes, hugs and memories as I start my next chapter.

It has been a privilege to be the School Nurse for the Thoreau community, working with the children and families alongside such a caring, talented and hardworking faculty and staff.  It is difficult to believe 17 years has gone by already.   The PTG has always been so supportive of the Health Office with additional funds when needed, hands on help, humor and moral support.  I have such cherished memories.  I will miss working with your children but hopefully will enjoy seeing them out and about town.  Thank you all for your generosity and support.  –Nicki Richards


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: announcement of the winners of our Box Tops for Education classroom contest. The 3rd grade competition was a real nail-biter, and in the end Mrs. Gallagher’s classroom won by just 5 box tops!  And what an upset in 2nd grade!  After Mrs. Pierce stayed in the lead all year, Ms. Watson’s class swooped in with a flurry of clips in the last month to take the prize with just a 15 box top lead.  Some really close races this year, folks.  It just goes to show that every clip counts in more ways than one.

Here are the final standings for the year: kindergarten = Shaw, 1st grade = Walsh, 2nd grade = Watson, 3rd grade = Gallagher, 4th grade = Dillon, 5th grade = Lemaire.  Congratulations to the winning classrooms! Some classes will enjoy a popsicle and bubble party as their prize and others a fun toy for the kids, while some will use their prize funds to buy books for their classroom.

Many thanks to all who participated this year.   Between you, you clipped over 10,000 box tops!  Special kudos to our many Box Tops superstars who together bring in a huge share of our earnings year after year:  the Travias, Colagiovanni/Millet, Capello, Cohen/Deysher, Glazer, Evans, Alford, Dohoney, Cassidy/McNall, Bettencourt and Root families, plus several anonymous superstars (you know who you are).

Our earnings goal for the school year (July 2013 through June 2014) was $1000. Between our clipped box tops and our winnings from the Market Basket Sweepstakes back in February, we earned almost double our goal.  This will go right to funding things like field trip buses, ice cream socials and those cool children’s programs. Hooray for Box Tops!

You still have a chance to turn in those coupons (especially the ones that are expiring June 30). I will empty the collection box shortly after school ends. Or if you prefer to save your non-expiring ones for the fall, that’s great too – we’ll start up the classroom contest again in September. Meanwhile, keep clipping over the summer!  Thanks again for your support of the 2013 – 2014 Box Tops for Education program. Have a great vacation! –Kimber Lynn Drake, Box Tops Coordinator


Did you know that a study from Duke University found that students’ summer learning losses are greater for math than for reading? Most students lose about 2.6 months in their grade-level equivalency in computational ability over the summer months. Math review packets are available as PDF files from your child’s teacher, who can send them to you electronically. There also is a link on the Thoreau math page (coming July 1st) that has suggestions for computer apps to engage students in various math puzzles that are easy to learn, yet difficult to master. Have fun exploring these activities over the summer!  – Laurie Link, K-5 Math Curriculum Specialist


Medication pick up:  Please pick up your child’s medications – Epi pens, inhalers, etc. — before the last day of school on June 27.  Any meds left in the Health Office will need to be discarded.

For Students from Boston, I will send the medications home with our Metco tutor.  If your child is not going to be in school the last few days, please make arrangements about medication pick up ahead of time. Thank you all.  –Nicki Morina Richards, RN, MS


Are you missing a Pokemon book that says “Burns” on it?  Or a long-sleeved “HERO” orange t-shirt?  Then your mystery is solved:  they are in the lost and found at Thoreau, along with a host of other valuable items.

Here is an on-line photo gallery of what was in the lost and found as of Wednesday, June 18 –> virtual lost and found.  It’s worth a quick scroll even if you don’t think you’re missing anything.  Our April edition of the virtual lost and found took several families by surprise when they saw a big fraction of their children’s wardrobes there!

The last day to retrieve items is this Friday, June 27 before it all gets donated to charity, so click now to view the gallery.  There are many, many sweaters, sweatshirts, lunch boxes, water bottles and other items in there that will all be going…going…gone.

If you want to stop by yourself to retrieve your child’s items, the school is open from early morning (for a before-work swing-by) throughout the day until after 5pm.  If the front door is locked, use the buzzer system to be let in.  Don’t forget to sign in and out in the visitor log at the office.  The lost and found contents are currently on display in the main hallway, at the entrance to the cafeteria, with a few additional items on the table just inside the cafeteria door (to your right as you enter).  Good luck! –Kimber Lynn Drake


Girl Scout Dog Wash

It’s almost summer, does your dog need a wash? 8th Grade Girl Scout Troop 72691 is having a dog wash on Saturday, June 28 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM at 199 Wright Road, Concord.  Please bring your friendly dogs to be washed with love in exchange for a donation of dog/cat shelter supplies to benefit The Metro West Pet Pantry.  We are collecting dog/cat food, cat litter, leashes, blankets, and treats.  Any questions, please contact Melissa Katz at pskatz@comcast.net.   Rain date (if pouring) is the same time on June 29.  Hope to see you there!

Save the Date, 5TH Graders

Concord Recreation’s sixth annual 6th grade Halloween Party will be held on October 24.   Details to follow in the fall!

MySchoolBucks Lunch Account Balance: https://www.myschoolbucks.com/

Math Resources for Parents: http://thoreau.colonial.net/Teachers/Link/ParentResources

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