New Families

Welcome to the Thoreau School community!  Whether you are new to Concord or a long-time resident who is only new to Thoreau, the PTG is here to help smooth your transition into the school.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Get registered
    Once you have established your Concord address, registering your child for the Thoreau School is now an online process. Follow the instructions on the district webpage.

  2. Get informed
    We know that getting to know a new school involves more than just making friends and meeting new people. You probably have a lot of questions on logistical items such as school bus schedules, understanding Thoreau’s lunch offerings, what supplies to buy and a host of other things. Check out the New Family FAQ page. You can also read information sent by the superintendent and by our principal, Mrs. Charles.

  3. Get to know us
    We would love to meet you! Feel free to email your PTG co-presidents Evy (  and Erin Sahacic ( or the new family coordinator Erin Fife ( with any questions or just to say hello. Sign up for the PTG weekly newsletter via the PTG website, and check out the PTG events. In addition, once your child has been assigned to a classroom, we encourage you to also seek out your “room parents.” These are parents/guardians of your child’s classmates who have volunteered to be a contact person for classroom-specific items and an assistant to the teacher for non-curriculum tasks. They and your child’s teacher are great resources for classroom-related questions.

  4. Get involved!
    By being active in the Thoreau PTG, you can familiarize yourself with Thoreau School and be a positive part of your child’s educational experience at the same time. There are many opportunities to help out at levels to suit any schedule.  Whether you are available during the school day or only on weekends…once a week, once a month or once a year…there is a role for you. Attend the next PTG Meeting, a PTG event, and/or check out our volunteer web page too!

We are glad that you have joined us in this wonderful place.  Welcome again!

Erin Fife

Chairperson, New Family Support

Thoreau School Parent-Teacher Group