New Visitor Sign in Procedure for Thoreau School

There is a new sign-in procedure when visiting the Thoreau School. Visit the Main Office upon entering the building. On your left you will see a tablet for signing in. The instructions are located on the top of the tablet. You will need to provide your name, phone number, and name of the staff member you are there to see. If you are volunteering in the library or art room simply select Karen Pettyjohn or Kate Hiltz. You can select Donna Macone or Maria Schofield if you are in the building for any of the following reasons: to volunteer in the Garden or PALS, to attend a PTG meeting, or to attend to any other PTG business that is not affiliated with a specific staff member. The first time you use the system it will take your picture. After you are finished filling out all required information, it will print a visitor tag with your photo on it. Please wear this tag while you are in the building. Allow for extra time to complete the new procedure.