PTG Meeting Friday, November 7, 2014

The PTG will welcome special guests this Friday, Kathi Snook and Wally Johnston, of the Concord Public School Committee.  They will be on hand to do Q&A on topics including:  Budget, Transportation, and anything else you are interested in.   This is an important opportunity to hear from our School Committee representatives, please join us!
The morning’s agenda is as follows, all are welcome to attend:
Agenda- PTG Meeting
Friday, November 7th
9:00 am, Cafeteria

1.   Principal’s Update – Chris Mahoney

2.   School Committee Update – Kathi Snook and Wally Johnston

3.  Library, Gift Book Program Update – Karen Pettyjohn

4.  Treasurer’s Report – Steve Kirincich

5.  Costume Sale wrap-up – Nikki Morrissey

6.  Book Fair wrap-up – Book Fair Team

7.  Adult Social wrap-up – Adrienne Principe, Alison Sullivan

8.  Turkey Trot update – Trish Siefer

9.  Fundraising Update – Jen McGrath and Nikki Morrissey

10.  New business