PTG Meeting this Thursday, 9AM

everyone is welcome- refreshments will be served!


Thursday, April 17, 2014- 9AM

Thoreau Cafeteria

  1. Review, Discussion and Vote on By-Law changes discussed at last month’s meeting:  Changes proposed to Organizational Structure and Duties of the Officers
  2. Proposed amendments to Budget and Fundraising section of By-Laws:  Including introducing a Funds Request Form to streamline request process
  3. Current Funding Requests Update:  Fifth Grade Events, Family Enrichment: STEM, Teacher Items
  4. Administration Updates:  Interim Principal, Retirements, Updates from PTG Presidents Meeting on 4/14
  5. Road Race Updates- All call for volunteers (Jill Yates and Julie Miller)
  6. Earth Week Update
  7. Cake Walk and Silent Auction Review
  8. Kindergarten Registration Update
  9. Introduction of Open Positions for Next Year
  10. Any other business