PTG Needs YOU (Yes, you….a lot)!

LAST CALL: The PTG really needs parents to step up to serve on its executive Board for the coming school year.  The PTG is intended to be a collaboration of parent volunteers who work together for the benefit of the kids in the school.  Without the parent volunteers, this work is not possible and programs and funding that we provide to the community cannot continue.  The terms of several parent volunteers who have served have expired or they have children who are no longer at the school and cannot serve.  Others have dedicated years of service to the school and have now opted to make way for other parents to serve. 

As a result, we need new parents to volunteer for the these key PTG Board positions: Co-President (2 open positions); Vice President; Fourth Grade Representative; and Fifth Grade Representative.

In volunteering, you will be joined by the following parents who have agreed to dedicate their time on behalf of the school: Anne Remington (Kindergarten rep), Trish Siefer (grade 1 rep), Betsy Dorr (grade 2 rep), Nicki Morrisey (grade 3 rep), Betsy Martel (Secretary); Pete DeRosa (Treasurer), and Tracey White and Rose Waxler (co-fundraising chairs).

If you are interested in learning more about what level of work and time commitment is involved any in these positions, particularly at the co-president and vice-president levels, please contact Jackie Meehan, Jen Johnson or Shelagh Moskow to learn more about them by noon on Monday, June 10th.  If we do not have individuals willing to volunteer prior to our PTG meeting this Wednesday, we will need to make decisions at that meeting about what aspects of the program cannot be met for the coming year.

Please consider helping out.


Shelagh Moskow, Jen Johnson and Jackie Meehan