Announcement Board: The Announcement Board is an A-frame that is placed in front of the school. It is intended to increase the awareness of our community to school events. Announcement requests may come from other PTG committee heads or by consulting the PTG calendar and creating related messages. For more information, contact the Announcement Board Coordinator.

Art Room: Art Room Volunteers assist the Art teacher as directed with your child’s class. Often it is helping the children with their projects, helping them clean up and preparing materials. For more information, contact the Art Room Coordinator.

Birthday Books: The PTG buys a selection of books at discount for the Thoreau School Library’s Birthday Book Program and then sells them at retail – the profit goes to purchase additional library books. Parents can choose to buy a book from this Birthday Books Collection and donate the book in honor of someone special, to celebrate a birthday, to remember a loved one, to thank a teacher, etc. Parents can also donate books to the library that they have purchased elsewhere. For more information, contact the Birthday Books Coordinator.

CCPI: CCPI is the parent subcommittee of the Superintendent’s Community Advisory Council on Student Health (SCACSH). SCACSH’s mission is to encourage and educate the community to help young people to make healthy decisions around: alcohol and other drugs, peer pressure, self-esteem, sexual behavior and personal safety. For more information, contact the CCPI Rep.

Council on Aging Luncheon: Twice a year, in the Winter & Spring, the Thoreau PTG sponsors a luncheon for Senior Citizens at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center. This is a unique opportunity for sharing between the generations and giving back to the community. For more information, contact the Council on Aging Luncheon Coordinator.

Family Partners: Family Partners is Thoreau’s version of the Welcome Wagon. The coordinator pairs families who are new to Thoreau School with other families who have a good knowledge of the Thoreau community. For more information, contact the Family Partners Coordinator.

Grounds For Learning: Grounds for Learning is Thoreau School’s outdoor classroom. It encompasses native woodland and restored field habitat and is used by teachers and their classes for all kinds of outdoor experiences. For more information, contact the Grounds For Learning Coordinator.

Kindergarten Orientation: Each spring the incoming Kindergarten students come to Thoreau School with their parents to experience a classroom, meet the staff and new friends, take a school bus ride while the parents attend an information session in preparation for the fall. For more information, contact the Kindergarten Orientation Coordinator.

Library Volunteers: Library volunteers help children locate books and material and assist with shelving books and checking books in and out of the library. For more information, contact the Library Volunteer Coordinator.

METCO: Cooperating families from Concord furnish a vital link by acting as a resource for Boston families and providing a “home away from home” on late-bus and other days. For more information, contact the METCO Coordinator.

Open Table: The Open Table is a community service where a hot meal is served every Thursday evening in Concord Center for any one who needs a meal. Groceries are also available to be taken home. The school PTG sponsors a food and paper bag collection for the Open Table twice in the school year. For more information, contact the Open Table Commitee.

PALs: PAL (Parents-At-Lunch Helping) helpers assist children during lunch period (1st – 5th grades) going from the cafeteria to the recess area safely. For more information, contact the PALs Coordinator.

Personalization Committee: This group acts as a liaison between the parents, students, teachers & PTG members to find ways to represent the school via such vehicles as Art work, photos & school necessities to be enjoyed by members of the Thoreau community. For more information, contact the Personalization Committee.

Photographer/Press Liaison: This position involves getting publicity exposure for various school activities. For more information, contact the Photographer/Press Liaison.

Playground Committee: This ad-hoc committee secures or maintains structures or enhancements for the betterment of the playground. For more information, contact the Playground Committee.

Room Parents: Room parents coordinate with the classroom teacher and with the PTG to see what parent help is needed throughout the year in the classroom and in partnership with other volunteer committees. For more information, contact the Room Parent Coordinator.

School Directory / Email List: The Thoreau School Directory provides the names, addresses, telephone numbers and parent names and email addresses of each Thoreau student by classroom. The directory also provides Room Parent names and important school telephone numbers. For more information, contact the School Directory Coordinator.

School Finance Observers: The School Committee and Finance Committee Observers help to keep the Thoreau community abreast of important issues and lets us know when lobbying efforts are needed. The Observers monitor the monthly school and finance committee meetings and report back to the PTG at PTG meetings or via written report. For more information, contact the School Finance Observers.

SPEDPAC: SPEDPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory) serves as a contact between the Concord SPEDPAC and Thoreau Elementary. For more information, click here.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon: The Staff Appreciation Luncheon is an annual event, conveying our appreciation to teachers and staff for their dedication to our children. For more information, contact the Staff Appreciation Luncheon Committee.

Weekly Announcements: The Weekly Announcements is a weekly publication produced by the PTG. It provides current communication about important dates, activities, fundraisers, and general information of interest to the Thoreau community. For more information, contact the Weekly Announcements Coordinator.

Wish List: Occasionally, a teacher or staff member finds a need to augment his/her classroom or office with an unusual article(s) by simply asking or “making a wish”. The Wish List provides an opportunity for the Thoreau community to recycle articles from home and, at the save time, help our educators stretch their budget dollars a little further. For more information, contact the Wish List Coordinator.