“One of the last games before playoffs”

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros

Friday, September 29, 2017 @ 7:10pm

Right Field Grandstand – Section 3 – Covered Seats

Once again Thoreau Elementary has been given the opportunity to purchase Red Sox tickets in a group block! Given the popularity of the game and the seat location, tickets will cost $40 each and we are limited to 126 tickets. Tickets will be given out on a first come/first serve basis with mandatory adherence to the guidelines below.

  • Ticket requests must be emailed to JENIFERLPERRY@GMAIL.COM. Please note: no other modes of requesting tickets will be honored. You will receive an email response letting you know if tickets have been secured for you within 24 hours. Your email must include the following (requests not containing the required information will not receive tickets):
    • your name
    • Students name
    • Number of tickets requested
  • Tickets must be picked up at 40 INGHAM Lane in Concord on either Thursday, September 7 or Friday, September 8 between 6:00PM and 7:30PM, no exceptions. At that time, a check made out to ‘Thoreau PTG’ will be required to pick up tickets. NO TICKETS WILL BE MAILED. Any tickets not picked up by Friday, 9/7 at 7:30 will be given to remaining families on the waitlist.

Thanks!! At the last game everyone had a lot of fun, looking forward to another great time!!