SC Observer notes

School Committee Observer Correction

School Committee Observer summaries appear in the Thoreau Announcements  after each School Committee meeting and are designed to provide the Thoreau community with an overview of meeting events for those who could  not attend. They are distilled from the full notes of each meeting that are taken by one of 6 elementary school volunteers from Thoreau, Willard  and Alcott and are always available on the PTG website. One of the main discussions at the February 12th meeting was Meg  Anderson’s study of the Thoreau School climate. In my summary, I summarized the discussion following Ms. Anderson’s report but did not  summarize the report itself. However, it was pointed out to me that in  not presenting a summary of the report alongside the ensuing discussion,  what appears in the Thoreau Announcements paints an overly negative  account of the report’s presentation. In fact, the report presented,  which I encourage you to access in its entirety at, is balanced. It was not my  intention to obscure this in my summary. I want to apologize, encourage  everyone to read the report, and further encourage everyone’s  involvement in public meetings. Thank you to the Thoreau parent who  brought this issue to my attention.

Sincerely,  Cheryl Kirkpatrick