School Committee Meeting – Tuesday, February 14th at 6:30PM in the CCHS Auditorium

Since there maybe some confusion regarding the format for Tuesday’s School Committee meeting, it is important that everyone has the correct information.

Tuesday nights meeting will begin at 6:30pm.  Since we do expect a larger than normal audience observing our meeting, we will be having it in the CCHS auditorium so everyone can be comfortable.
Once the Committees have been called to order, We will take time to make sure everyone understands the format for the evening’s meeting.  This is a working business meeting for the School Committees.    The purpose of the meeting is for the School Committees to have the opportunity to able to have a healthy dialog amongst themselves and with the Administration about the transportation issue.   We plan to start by providing a context of the circumstances and the environment we are currently in and reviewing the process that got to this point.    The School Committee will then have a discussion about that situation and talk about the next steps.    Once the discussion has finished, we will open the meeting up to citizens comments.  This is a time when citizens may come up and make comments.  The School Committee will listen to the comments but generally does not respond to questions at that time.    Comments are generally limited to 3 minutes and we will ask everyone to be mindful of that.    After citizens comments, the School Committee will continue its discussion and will take votes on any motions a member wishes to put forward, provided that it has been seconded by another member.    Currently on the agenda is a vote to authorize the Administration to issue and RFP for the lease of a maintenance facility.   This does not mean that this is the only vote that might be taken.   Any motion that is put forth by a committee member which is seconded and has to do with the business at hand would be voted on.

If people have questions for the School Committee that they would like to have answered at the meeting, the best avenue for that is for people to email them to the Committees in advance of the meeting.   The emails for the Committees are – for the Concord School Committee and for the Regional School Committee which includes all the CPS members and the two Carlisle members.

Peter Fischelis
Chair, CCRSC
Member, CSC