School Committee Meeting/New PTG Board

There will be a Concord School Committee meeting tonight, Tuesday, June 19th at 6:30p.m. in the CCHS library.  One of the items on the posted agenda is the correspondence from parents at the Thoreau School.  Based on the School Committee’s agenda, the Thoreau issue is scheduled to be addressed earlier in the meeting, but public comments are scheduled at the end of the meeting.   If you have any concerns, parents are welcome to attend the meeting.

As we break for the summer, we owe many thanks to the PTG Board members, volunteers, and committee and event chairs who helped make this school year such a success for the PTG.  We are especially grateful for the leadership and hard work of outgoing Board members Melanie Bettencourt, Mallory Price, Meg Wright, Lousia Yarmartino, Trish Siefer, Jen Jiganti, and Erin Duggan.

For the coming year, the PTG Board will be comprised as follows: Jen Johnson and Shelagh Moskow as PTG co-presidents; Jackie Meehan as vice president; Peter DeRosa as Treasurer; Emily Johnson as Secretary; Sharon Sharifi as Fundraising Chair; Pam Goar as Kindergarten Representative; Julie Miller as First Grade Representative; Sarah Wieland as Second Grade Representative; Ellen McHale as Third Grade Representative; Carla Macy as Fourth Grade Representative; and Karen Brown as Fifth Grade Representative.

Finally, we want to thank all the teachers of this school who make Thoreau such a special community.   We are indebted to and will greatly miss Mary Schaefer and Jessica Christensen.  We wish them luck and happiness in their new endeavors, and we are all crossing our fingers that Brad Bennett will be back teaching third grade at Thoreau in the fall of 2013 following his sabbatical next year.

Happy Summer!  We look forward to seeing you in the fall, but please keep an eye out for postings from us over the summer.