Thoreau Announcements 3/19/2020

PTG Co-Presidents’ Message and News

I honestly never thought I’d be writing these words, but I really will miss the Cake Walk this weekend. Who knew I’d be longing for over-stimulated kids hopped up on sugar running through the halls of Thoreau?!? Hope you are all adjusting to home confinement with your kids and spouses. I think now is the ideal time to say a huge THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff at Thoreau not only for what they do every day, but how well they have navigated this surreal transition. A huge thank you to Dr. Laurie Hunter and her team as well. She has continued to show calm and decisive leadership.

As we obviously won’t have any PTG events for a while, the TA will now serve to highlight some of the District’s messages.

As you’ve likely seen from several emails, the schools are supplying food to those in need from both communities- families, elderly, or whomever needs it. They’ve been having between 40-60 cars come through daily. To support these efforts, the schools need people to donate money. As of right now, USDA is not subsidizing it even for the free and reduced families.

The link is found here:

Also, please take Dr. Hunter’s pleas regarding social distancing seriously. Please note, that all playgrounds are closed.

If anyone has anything they would like to add to the TA–maybe links to creative learning opportunities– please share at

Danielle & Maribeth
Thoreau School PTG Co-Presidents

Community News

Mindfulness for Our Community

On the Mat Yoga studio in Concord is offering a 20 dollar subscription to students for weekly online yoga classes, some recorded and we are launching live classes as well.
Never have we needed yoga more!

Here is a kids yoga resource link provided by Tara Jones who is not offering online yoga right now but her colleague is.