Thoreau Library Gift Book Program

The library gift program is an easy and concrete way to support Thoreau Elementary and the community of learners. The library relies on the generosity of families and friends to purchase new books so that the collection can remain fresh and up-to-date. Gift donations can be make at any point in the year. A recognition bookplate is placed in each donated book and may be personalized to commemorate a special time or person. Students love to see their name on the inside cover; and they take special pride when the plate reads that the book has been donated in honor of someone special in their lives. 

Our school librarian has selected books waiting to be added to the library by a generous donor. If you wish to gift a special book not found in the listing please contact Julie Turner (school librarian) to ensure there is not a current copy already in circulation.

Please view the google form to view and select books for purchase as well as personalize the bookplate before it enters school circulation. Donations in the amount noted for selected books may be made via venmo, paypal, or via check.

Drop off at Thoreau’s front office or send a check made out to “Thoreau School PTG” to:

Thoreau School

Attention: PTG/Library Gift Book Program

29 Prairie Street

Concord, MA 01742

Contact Erin Sahacic at with any questions.