Thoreau School Directory Update & SAC reminder

Thoreau School Directory: Due to an issue at the printer that is beyond our control, the Thoreau School Directories will not be available for distribution at Back to School Night. The good news is that you can still order one if you have not yet done so! Orders can be placed online or through the form that was sent home with your children, before Friday, September 16th. Additionally, there will be a table set up at back to school night where you can place an order. Once we receive the directories from the printer we will distribute them through your youngest child’s home room teacher.

Thoreau School Advisory Council: There are three parent openings on the Thoreau School Advisory Council (SAC). The Thoreau SAC is responsible for the stewardship of the school community. This council is comprised of both parents and teachers in addition to the school principal. Parents on the Council serve for two years. The main responsibilities of the SAC are to ensure the successful completion of the School Improvement Plan and to serve as an advisory board to the school principal. The SAC is another way for parents in the school community to have a voice with representatives of the school district—namely the school principal. All interested parents should submit a 200 word statement to the two PTG Co-Presidents, Betsy Martel and Deb Antonangeli ( and, which will be shared with the school community. All statements should be received by 8pm on Tuesday, September 13th. If there are more than three people interested in the position, the PTG will hold an election at Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 14th in accordance with the policy of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in which the entire Thoreau parent community can vote. If an election occurs paper ballots will be located in the cafeteria.
For more information on the role of School Councils click here: