TOWN MEETING- Your Vote Counts!!

All registered voters:  Don’t forget that TOWN MEETING is tonight, and that Articles 22 and 23 will be discussed and voted upon.   Article 22 is the Public Schools Budget.  Article 23 ALSO pertains to Thoreau as it includes $40,000 to re-loam and re-seed THOREAU’s side fields which have soil that is littered with glass.

Come and hear all the discussion to make your own informed vote!  Childcare arrangements are available through Concord Recreation – call (978) 369 6460 to reserve.  Carpooling is always recommended!  At the High School (old building!)


This week (APR 13-17), Thoreau students & staff will celebrate Earth Week, and we ask that parents lend a small hand when packing daily lunches to support this fun learning activity (see below). The week will include posting of new (student-made) earth-conscious artwork, a fun Thursday assembly featuring CCHS Environmental Studies students as well as Thoreau student-led singing. Finally, we will offer week-long lunch composting and increased recycling in an attempt to show the kids how much they’re able to personally reduce landfill waste through increased recycling and composting!

To support this effort, we ask that parents consider reducing lunch waste as much as possible. Please integrate reusable bags and containers, and perhaps reduce portion sizes (should you see fit) to reduce waste. Every day, the students produce an amazing amount of (edible, good) food waste that gets thrown away. Consider talking with your child about the importance of packing only what they will eat, and bringing home any non-perishable foods they don’t have room (or time) to eat at school.

Finally, we’d welcome a few more volunteers during the lunch shifts (scheduled between 11:40-1:30 pm; even just a 45min. window is great!). Volunteering is easy — the kids have it down by Wednesday! — and it’s fun to see all the kids in their lunchtime best! Please consider signing up for one of our volunteer shifts here:

Thanks!  Thoreau-ly Green