Valentine’s Day Hearts Due Tomorrow!

Due to today’s snow day, please have your child prepare/drop off their Thoreau Valentine’s heart in the lobby on Wednesday morning. Adult volunteers will be on-hand to assemble the finished project and give our busy teachers a warm, wonderful surprise!

As a reminder of how this works, please ask your kids to think of just ONE word to best describe what they love most about life at Thoreau (e.g. – Fun, Safe, Silly, Interesting, Full of Books (okay, 3 words), Music, Buddies, Gym, Science, etc.). These small messages will be added to a big Valentine heart throughout the morning tomorrow in an attempt to make one truly awesome Valentine!  There will be a banner above this big heart that reads: “What we LOVE about Thoreau School!”  Please consider having your child make their own mini-heart.  Simple is great; here’s a sample size: *

Simply figure out what that ONE word is and write it in big letters (along with your child’s first name and grade, in small letters) on a small heart-shaped piece of paper. Nothing fancy needed! For those kids who forget, we will have a few extra small hearts on Wednesday morning, but we need as many kids as possible to do this in advance (arriving with a finished heart Wednesday AM) to avoid bottlenecks in the entryway!  

Happy Valentine’s  Day to Thoreau!

*for best results, download the file and print it using Acrobat Reader instead of printing it from the pdf viewer within the dropbox website.