Volunteering in the Library

Would you like to help out in the library this coming year? Volunteers are needed to help the library run smoothly and efficiently. There are two types of volunteer positions available. “Classroom” volunteers (up to 4 per class) are scheduled to come in about once a month to check books in and out, as well as shelve materials during class time.

“Shelf-reading” volunteers are needed to help keep books on the shelves in order, and may come in at their convenience, including during your child’s class time.

NEW THIS YEAR: we will be having a before school shift from 8:40-9:10. This shift will help prep the library for the day, put books away, check in/out books as kids come in before class.

Since operating the circulation computer requires training, volunteers with experience at this task will be given priority. If more than 4 volunteer, we will consider other factors, such as if you are volunteering for more than one class. Please volunteer for this position only if you are reasonably sure you can make the time commitment for the full year (we understand that circumstances can unpredictably change).

The shelf-reading option will be open to anyone. This is a critical part of running the library and is an excellent way to browse our collection. If you come during your child’s library class, you have the added bonus of seeing your child and helping him or her choose books.

To sign up as a monthly classroom volunteer, please send an e-mail to hdthoreaubooks@gmail.com, along with your name, phone number and the class(es) that you are volunteering for. If you are only interested in shelf reading, please state that in the subject line.

All volunteers must be CORI-approved. Please contact the main office for more information on CORI procedures.